About Briana Lyn

Hi! My name is Briana! I love helping singers and keyboardists discover the freedom found in making music. My music studio is based in Studio City, CA. If you don’t live close, I also do remote sessions with students.

What are your dreams for the future?

It’s so important you are clear on WHAT you want so you can be clear on how to take action to reach those dreams.

My dream has always been to sing for Disney.

Here’s a little more about me:

I was singing since before I could talk. I sang my first solo when I was 4 years old at a small church in rural Minnesota. Growing up, I sang for weddings, queen pageants, parties, funerals, nursing homes and churches.

I started studying voice before I could read and began studying piano in grade school.  I received a degree in Vocal Music from North Central University in Minneapolis where I studied both voice & piano.

I am certified as a Yamaha music instructor. I also taught Kindergarten for 4 years & directed Choral Music for five years at a private school for grades K-9. 

Throughout my professional music career, I have sang and played piano for weddings, funerals, senior livings & special events. I have many years of experience leading worship bands in front of thousands of people along with numerous opportunities singing the national anthem in large sports stadiums. I have done live performances & recording session work with other musicians as a lead vocalist, background vocalist & keyboard player.

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I have been asked many times if I get nervous when I sing. I typically answer no because I know how to prepare for  performances. Throughout my professional music career, I have learned to develop a laser focus, where I know how to get in the zone. I have the ability to separate my emotions from the job at hand which has allowed me to share my music to many different people in various settings. This is something I love to help singers & keyboardists discover and develop.

What Her Clients Say:

"We first got acquainted with Briana 9 years ago at Yamaha school of Music when she taught my older son who was then 7 yrs of age. She was enthusiastic and inspiring! She allowed for variations and creativity and even allowed the kids to compose their own music, sing along with music or try different tricks with the Piano to explore their horizon! Later, when I needed a private tutor for my younger son....I secretly wished I could have Briana!

Little did I know that my wish would come true with a surprise meeting at Caribou coffee! Indeed, it has been a great journey with Briana!  We have had her as a teacher for group lessons and private lessons....both of which have had a different flavor but have been gratifying. What is wonderful about her is that she has the insight as to how to teach a certain child to have the kid be best receptive to the lesson.

She is always polite. She is firm and disciplined, but not intimidating. If a child follows along with the instruction, she is out there to help push them further and maximize their potential as a musician. She puts in great effort in her recitals! The children perform with zest and her own performances are inspiring as well!"

Avanti Mehrotra March 26, 2019

“Briana is a talented musician, performer and teacher. She values & recognizes the unique talent of each student and tailors her lessons to their individual needs to allow them to shine in their own unique way. Briana incorporates her sense of humor during lessons to ensure her students are comfortable, yet always demands a high level of rigor and remains extremely professional.”

Kendra Waldauer March 1, 2019