Vocal Range

Your vocal range is the span of notes your vocal cords are capable of producing. Some people don’t know HOW to produce their high notes well, even though their vocal cords are capable of it. The average range of a singer Is 3 to 3.5 octaves even though I’ve have seen ranges as small as […]

Why Singers Should Study Music

Improve Pitch Accuracy Studying scales and intervals will help you improve pitch accuracy.  Better Communication with other Musicians Studying music will give you the knowledge of keys, how to transpose, arrange songs, and give you an understanding of rhythm. This is vital in communicating with other musicians.  Better Songwriting Studying music will give you an […]

Refresh your Resolutions

We all need a refresher from time to time with our goals! I know the struggle of feeling like you’re all alone, with a never ending to-do list! Here are some tips that I have found effective in staying focused on your goals during those dreary, mundane moments of life: Write your goals down and […]

Music Making for Young Musicians-Tips for Parents

Do’s  Don’t’s Be available to help your child. Your teacher will always welcome you to attend the music lesson with your child. This will give you working knowledge of each assignment. It’s like two lessons for the price of one!  Direct questions you have to teacher, if need be, during the lesson. Reward good practice […]

The problem with Consonants

Consonants play an important role in separating syllables to create language. In the English alphabet, there are a total of 21 consonants but only a few are really conducive for good singing. The consonants b, d, and g are the most complimentary to a rich singing tone. These three consonants allow the vowel to follow […]

How To Control Your Voice When You Get Nervous

Psychologists tell us that we should use the energy of nervousness and turn it into EXCITEMENT. We should welcome it as an opening of energy we can use. This may take time to learn to apply and execute because being nervous can create a faster heartbeat, erratic breathing, sweaty palms, shaky knees, and a lack […]

Holiday Warmups

What’s the holidays without some singing? Warming up your voice along with good singing posture is so important for your vocal health.  Try these exercises, going up or down  by half steps. 

Vocal habits: Do’s & Don’ts

As we head into a new year, there are many new habits people like to implement. I always tell singers or musicians that I work with that the best time to start is RIGHT NOW. If you’re a professional voice user, it’s especially important to watch your habits as your tiny vocal cords have a […]

Tis’ The Season of Giving

Music Lesson giveaway

This time of year is one of my favorite times, as people come together and enjoy all that the holiday season means to them. It’s also a time where we take time to give. That’s why we are offering new customers a FREE 15 minute lesson with any one of our teachers. If you’ve been […]

Self Esteem Boosters

Let’s talk about self esteem! It’s an important topic as it affects our ability to be who we truly are meant to be. To have healthy self esteem takes time and daily practice. When our self esteem is higher, we do more and feel better.     Here are some things I’ve personally found helpful as […]