Briana Lyn’s keyboard training is for anyone desiring the fundamentals in keyboard playing. She teaches children to adults how to read music, play chord charts, explore improvisation & songwriting. 

Maybe you’re just beginning to learn about the keyboard or you had a few lessons years ago but can hardly remember what you played.

This program was designed to give any age experience & enjoyment playing the keyboard with high quality music tracks to play along with. I want you to  develop a LOVE for making music on the keys and find success wherever your music journey takes you!


Hi! I’m Briana Lyn! I’m certified as a Yamaha Music Instructor & also have broad experience in various curriculums & pedagogical styles. I developed this program because I wanted to give music students the TOOLS to learn to play & write contemporary style music. This is a passion I love sharing with others!

So many kids and adults learn piano or keyboard but get stuck playing only classical music and never really develop the skills necessary to play & improvise with contemporary songs. Students come to me wanting to learn keyboard but get stuck thinking things like:

1. I don’t want to learn from traditional method books-”I really want to learn to play the keyboard so that I can play in my church worship band. I watch YouTube videos but never really know if I’m playing it all correctly.  

2. I can’t play other instruments.-”I want to learn other instruments like guitar or drums to be in my school’s band but know that I need to have a solid foundation & understanding in keyboard before I can do that. I don’t want to be a concert pianist; I just want to be able to enjoy & explore music.”

3. You don’t know how to create songs on the keyboard.-”I’ve always wanted to know how to write my own songs on the keyboard but don’t know even where to begin to create them.”

4. You love to sing but don’t know how to accompany yourself. “I don’t know how to read music so I can’t play the melody to know what to sing. I wish I could accompany myself as it would save me time and money from having to rehearse with a piano player.”

If you’re feeling this way, you’ve come to the RIGHT place.

Now is your time to learn how to read music, play and identify chord charts, understand harmonization, play the songs you love and learn the techniques to play music with ease. 

All the keyboardists I have worked with started right here. They were faced with challenges they needed to overcome if they were going to get to where they wanted to go. Every successful person in life gets to where they are at through sacrifices they made, whether big or small. They knew they needed to develop in some area in order to get to where they wanted to go. 

Getting started is the first step and sticking with it is the decision you make consistently.

At Briana Lyn Studios, I know that playing the keyboard is a skill that needs consistent practice and time to develop. When you decide to learn the fundamentals in keyboard, you will begin to hold new keys of freedom as a musician to explore music in a whole new way. 

Growth & success always requires the right consistent action.

The great musicians, actors, and athletes choose daily to get coaching and mentoring in order to maintain their high level performance. Even successful business people and professionals seek out coaching to refine their craft and grow in knowledge.

Now is the time to start your music journey on the keys so you can get the nurturing support and training needed to play the songs you love.

Here’s What You Get in 90-Day Program

  • 10 weekly 40-minute private keyboard lessons to jumpstart your  music journey on the keyboard, make daily improvements and build new habits.
  • Keyboard lesson book assignments-purchase the book on
  • 24/7 access to your online Google Drive File with feedback and personalized assignments so you can have access to it anytime, anywhere.
  • Guidance choosing songs that fit your style and interest.
  • Access to Sheet music that is designed to build muscle memory, improve note reading, allow for improvisation and get your fingers moving.
  • Access to an online theory program-to reinforce note reading, ear training, pattern recognition, interval training & so much more!

Briana Lyn’s 90 day keyboard training will give you:

The fundamentals in keyboard training that gets you playing the songs you love quickly and with musical ease! 

1. Get keyboard repertoire recommendations with corresponding mp3s to play along with.

2. Understand how Music works: learn important keyboard skills, understand chords & harmony, music theory, and learn how to accompany yourself while singing

3. Understand Music Theory-weekly assignments with an online theory program that gets your music knowledge sharpened to be a well rounded musician.

4. Access to additional FREE music.

5. Songwriting-learn how to take music that’s in your head and play it on the keyboard.

Let’s Do This!

12 month program

(Online or In-Person)

Are you looking to have long term music instruction and mentorship in Keyboard? This program is more of a “traditional” approach to music lessons for students who want to learn more songs and have more time to practice and develop the techniques they are learning.


Here’s what you get in the 12 month program:

  • Option for 30 or 45 minute sessions weekly (see studio calendar)
  • Access to all of the expert techniques and resources found in the 90 day program.
  • Learn 4x as many songs than the 90-day program
  • Get MORE mentorship + guidance to grow into the unique you!

Ultimate Goals in the Keyboard Program:

*Gain knowledge and understanding of how to read music with a natural approach, creating a sense of ease in the process.

*Enjoy playing chord charts in contemporary styles that your ears are naturally accustomed to hearing and singing.

* Develop the necessary music theory knowledge to get you playing the songs that you love

*Gain the skills needed to create your own music 

*Develop a love for playing music and sharing that with everyone around you! 

Let’s Work Together!

*No Travel required for online clients

*For online clients, the entire program is based online and private sessions are through video chat (zoom) so you can participate from home or work. All private sessions may be recorded onto video for your personal use and lifetime access.

All course materials (MP3s, workbooks and additional resources) are within your personalized Google Drive folder. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with Briana via email throughout the week.