Briana Lyn Anderson



Piano & Vocal Instructor

Education & Professional Experience

Briana is a piano & voice instructor. Her musical endeavors began at the age of 4 years old, performing on stage at church. In fact, her love for singing, piano and music continued to expand the more she performed and created music for others. Since junior high, she began studying classical voice continued on through college. Similarly, Briana began classical piano lessons and continued throughout college. She received a degree in Music from North Central University in Minneapolis. During her senior year of college, she became certified as a Yamaha music instructor. In addition, she was a Choir director for four years, incorporating the Kodaly method in her instruction.

As a result of her education with various teaching methods, Briana decided to open up her own music studio in 2013. For the purpose of convenience in a fast-paced world, she began coaching students in the comfort of their own homes. Her teaching philosophy is to build a solid music foundation in ear training, sight reading, technique and theory. As a result of gaining this music foundation, her students have opportunities to play the songs that they LOVE!

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