Molly Tengwall

Vocal & Guitar Instructor

Molly Tengwall is a vocal and guitar teacher with Briana Lyn Studios.

Molly is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Music Education and Vocal Performance at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN. Molly’s vocal training lies in both classical and musical theater literature, enabling her to teach these genres and more to her students. She is also a singer/songwriter who emphasizes using guitar to express oneself and share music with others.

Molly utilizes a student-centered pedagogy to meet a student where they are in order to best serve their individual needs. She is passionate about connecting with her students and giving them the agency to be the kind of musician they want to be.

Molly has taken voice and guitar lessons for 8 years and piano lessons for 6 years. She has performed with the Augsburg University Choir, as well as the Rose Ensemble and the West Central Singers Community Choir. Molly is also passionate about music theater, having performed in 15+ productions since the age of 5, her most recent being with the Augsburg University Music-Theatre Club.