Programs with Briana Lyn

The Keys↞to↠Singing programs are for SINGERS & MUSICIANS who really want to SING, PLAY & WRITE the songs they LOVE!

90-day & 12 month program options



(Online or In-Person/Studio City, CA)

Do you want to learn the essentials of keyboarding to play your favorite songs or even write your own?  Learn the fundamentals in keyboarding with weekly private keyboard coaching with Briana Lyn. 

Get the tools you need to learn to read notes, play and identify chords, and grow in your skills as a musician.  Are you ready to hit the keys and run?!


(Online or In-Person/Studio City, CA)

Are you ready to learn about your voice to develop the freedom to sing the songs you love? Start  discovering now how you can have YOUR vocal freedom, singing the songs you love with weekly private vocal coaching with Briana Lyn.

Discover the freedom you’ve always wanted in your voice through top vocal exercises, resources and a personalized blueprint to transform your voice!


(Online or In-Person/Studio City, CA)

Are you a singer/songwriter? Are you someone who loves the keyboard + singing?  This is your opportunity to unlock your unique voice with expert coaching advice + learn the essentials in keyboarding with weekly private coaching with Briana Lyn. 


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Vocal Lessons

The Golden Hour

(Online or In-Person/Studio City, CA)

This is a focused 60 minute session devoted to specific areas of your voice such as a tune-up or prep for an audition or show. Students coming for this hour session can choose from a variety of topics.

*No Travel required for online clients

*For online clients, the entire program is based online and private sessions are through video chat (zoom or voicelesson app) so you can participate from home or work.

All private sessions may be recorded onto video for your personal use and lifetime access.

All course materials (MP3s, workbooks and additional resources) are linked within your personalized Google Drive folder. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with Briana via email throughout the week.