Briana Lyn Studios

3 Essentials to Master Your Voice

In order to master your voice to sing with confidence, consistency and control, every singer should learn these three foundational elements. These may seem boring, but they are vital . Before you try anything else, make sure these three actions are perfectly and consistently done. 

1. Posture-Your vocal mechanism begins at your feet and goes to the top of your head. When you stand with the ideal posture, everything functions better.

When you study voice with us, we will give you this important foundational component. 

2. Support-aka “abdominal breath support” and is the action within the muscles of your torso (from hips to shoulder) which creates pressure in the air stream.  The pressurized air makes your vocal folds vibrate, allows you to hold notes, sing high or low with ease, without having to spend all day warming up your voice. 

Knowing the clear and precise way to support will allow you to sing with ease and consistency. When you properly support, you will no longer struggle with neck, face, tongue or jaw tension also known as compensatory tension.  Make your torso do the work, not your neck and face!

3. Breathing-Singers are primarily wind instruments. You take in air through your lungs, then you pressurize the outgoing air which helps close and vibrate the vocal cords resulting in a buzzy sound. Then that buzzy sound passes through your throat, mouth and nose and finally reaches the listener’s ears as your vocal sound.  By Learning to use the abdominal support properly, you will control the diaphragm indirectly to be able to control your voice. 


Learning to apply these fundamentals consistently and precisely will give you greater confidence as a singer.