Welcome to Briana Lyn Studios!

We are a multi-city music teaching studio with locations in

Minneapolis, MN & Los Angeles, CA.

Our purpose is to provide music students the knowledge and skills they need to play and sing the songs they LOVE.  Our mission is to create a nurturing environment where students can be guided in their musical pursuits.

Before students begin, we do an introductory phone call where we assess the needs of our students and how we can help them achieve their goals. Some areas  of learning we focus on are music theory, ear training and songwriting or specific genres of repertoire such as jazz, popular, musical theatre or classical. Some students love songwriting, while others want to be better at reading music. We tailor lessons to fit the needs and desires of students.

If you’re just beginning as a music student or have been taking lessons for years and want to hone your skills, Briana Lyn Studios is here for you! We’d love to connect with you and hear more about your desire to learn music.

Our teachers love instructing students of all ages and are highly skilled in their area of expertise.

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What Our Clients Say:

"We love the energy and spirit Briana and her instructors bring to music and the patience and love they bring for our kids. The lesson time the kids spend is efficient and effective but also fun. Recitals are well organized and are a great way for my kids to experience their compatriots' achievements. I wholeheartedly recommend Briana Lyn Studios."

Gretchen Bosacker March 28, 2018

"Briana Lyn Studios is really something unique, offering a professional educational music experience in a personalized home setting.  The services we have received from Briana Lyn Studios go above and beyond anything we ever expected from a piano teacher whether in a private home setting, or professional music school.  

First off, what a gift it is that the teachers come to US and offer first class instruction each week!  Rain, snow, or shine...they show up with a smile and enthusiasm to teach and pull the best out of our kids.  We are definitely spoiled by the convenience Briana Lyn Studios offers!

Second, Briana Lyn Studios has a fantastic balance of professionalism and flexibility when life happens and schedules need a little shift.  Briana Lyn Studios’ policies are concise and reasonable with extra free lesson days built right into the schedule (a generous offering for sure) paired with a no make-up lessons rule.  While this might initially seem rigid, it offers protection for their teachers and clients, actually providing more for our dollar if we are consistently present.

If a teacher must cancel (rare!) they do their absolute best to offer an alternative lesson option as soon as possible. In addition to this, the lesson times Briana Lyn Studios offer are incredibly flexible. Our lessons happen before school on a weekday leaving our evenings open for homework and after school extracurricular activities. You just don’t find this kind of flexibility and commitment elsewhere.

We are just thrilled with the years of dedicated service we have experienced as patrons of Briana Lyn Studios.  My girls are developing into accomplished pianists with very little help or prodding from my husband and me. Briana Lyn Studios has figured out how to magically motivate kids through their true sense of kindness, respect for kids, love of music and a clear passion for teaching.   No doubt, we feel like we hit the jackpot with Briana Lyn Studios. We are thankful for the laughter each week, the quality lessons, and especially the results!"

Lori Rasmussen February 28, 2019

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