Briana’s musical endeavors began at the age of 4 years old, performing on stage at church. Her love for singing, piano and music continued to expand the more she performed and created music for others. She started her classical voice training in Junior High and continued on through college. Briana also is trained classically in piano and studied throughout college. She received a degree in Music from North Central University in Minneapolis. Her senior year of college she started training in the Yamaha music method where she became certified as a Yamaha music instructor.  While working for Yamaha, she became a Choir director for K-9th grade for a private school where she studied and implemented the Kodaly method. In 2013, Briana decided to open up her own music studio, coaching students in the comfort of their own homes. She has since expanded to be a multi-teacher traveling studio to reach more people in Piano, Guitar & Voice instruction. 


Briana has sung as a guest soloist for queen pageants, weddings, anniversary and birthday celebrations, funerals, churches and other special events. In 2016 she came out with an EP album titled Lullaby Trio where she was able to share her love for children and music. Although classically trained, Briana is versatile and can sing many styles including pop, folk, jazz, classical, musical theatre, gospel & contemporary


Briana has been an actor all her life, acting in drama and musicals  through community theatre. Most recently, she decided to pursue on camera acting in both commercials and print advertisements. She is represented by some of the top agents in the Twin Cities including NUTS, ltd, Agency Models & Talent, Ruggiero Models & Talent & Caryn. Wherever she goes she carries her high energy, happy disposition which are are some of her best assets in the work she does. The possibilities are endless, and that is what makes acting and doing music so exciting for her! 





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