Briana Lyn Studios

A New Year to Be

Happy 2021! It’s another year to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished and be excited for all that you want to see happen in your own life personally. In the days that we live in, it is so easy to lose focus and compare yourself to what others are doing or even get distracted by all that is going on in the world-and there’s a lot! 

If you are going to actually see results you need and want to have in your life, you’re going to have to look within and keep your attention, focus and priorities on tending to the things that you can control. There are many things out of our control that we can get worried and stressed about, but at the end of the day we will not be good for anyone if we keep our attention there. We must, must MUST keep our eyes and attention focused on being more centered, more healthy as a person, and pursuing those gifts and dreams that are inside of you. I say this because there’s this saying that all therapists say, “Before you can help others, you have to help yourself.” This is a daily thing that we must remember if we are going to keep our power and be more deliberate creators. The world is looking for creators of music, art, and life to step up and lead by example. We need people who take care of themselves so they have the power and focus to create and inspire others to greatness.  

So let me ask you..what do you do to stay centered, focused and on track with your goals. It’s vital that we prioritize this if we are going to make a difference in the world around us. 

Take time to center yourself and remember what the world needs is you living out from a place of freedom and peace. We are beings that must remember to “Be”. 

LOVE, PEACE, & JOY to you in this year ahead! Greatness is calling for you in this year ahead!