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Your Future Self


Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.~George Washington Carver

In my last post, I touched on the importance of knowing yourself in order to prepare for the future. Another important aspect of preparation is to envision your best self in the future and start acting like that NOW. How would a series regular actor act? How would a high school graduate that was getting ready to start their college career to prep for their future act? How would a broadway actor act? How would a singer who’s releasing their music on streaming sites act? When you start visualizing and picturing yourself doing well, succeeding, being happy & fulfilled, learning and growing, you start to focus on growing and developing, taking positive steps forward, instead of just coasting along and getting by. It’s important to vision beyond where you are currently in order to see results & progress.


As a session singer & commercial actor, things are beginning to open up here in LA but there is still not as much work right now as there used to be. It can be easy to focus on all of the unknowns and the current circumstances, but that will only lead you into a tailspin. Keep your focus on what you want. Sure, there may be some adjustments you need to make or things may look slightly different during this time, but the end result is what you’re going for. For example, maybe your goal is to learn to play the keyboard and sing to release songs on streaming sites. That’s your best future self. Given the times, some teachers may or may not want you in their studio space, but they are offering other options online.  Are you going to let that be a stumbling block to slow your progress & growth down? It’s often the people that are most flexible and willing to do whatever it takes, that find success and growth in life.


I encourage you to start acting and becoming the best version of your future self TODAY.  What are you doing to live in that place as a singer-songwriter, creating music and sharing your talents with the world TODAY? If you want to hone your skills, you’ll likely want training in keyboard, singing, and/or recording.  Remember to stay flexible on how you’re going to get there, in order for you to reach your end result. Start taking action, learning as much as you can in order to live in that future self.  You got this!




Briana Lyn