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Keys to Mastering Songs for Singers

Work  smarter not harder

It’s the saying that my 5th grade teacher used as our class motto and to this day, I still remember it. When I work with young artists, specifically singers, I find that they struggle learning songs thoroughly and sometimes never really feel like they’ve mastered the song, because they are always changing things up each time they sing it. While that’s not entirely wrong/bad to do, it’s important than you have a concrete way of singing a song that you can truly LOVE and feel successful at doing. This way, when the nerves kick in during live performance or recording sessions, your notes don’t kick out of gear and fall apart and you can focus on getting into the emotions of the song. This is truly what leaves your listeners mesmerized by your performance. But how can engage your audience when you never fully know your song?

There are many components to singing and learning songs such as when to breathe, pauses, breaks, determining pitch and key, vibrato/straight tone, staccato/slurs, dynamics, accents, vowel & consonant modification, tonal variations, riffs, flips, scoops/slides, fry and cry. PHEW! That’s a lot of things to remember in a song!

This is why I created  a tool kit for singers when they study with me called “Keys to Mastering Songs” which gives them valuable information to learn how to master singing a song,  just like the pros. In this toolkit, you learn step by step instructions so that you don’t “miss a beat”. Do you think Miley Cyrus is questioning how she’s going to hit high C and what she’s going to do before and after that note? It’s highly doubtful. She’s learned her songs forward and back, so she can sing them how her fans know and love her songs.

What secrets have you discovered in singing to master songs? I’d love to know! If you want to learn to truly master songs, let’s connect! I’d love to help you on your journey in becoming the artist you were meant to be.