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Release and energize

The world belongs to the energetic. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

During the the times we are living in, how are you taking care of yourself? As a singer and artist myself, I know how important it is to take care of my mental, emotional, and physical health. When I start to feel off balance and have lower energy, I always have to check in with myself, to see what I need more or less of.  Erwin McManus in his book, The Artisan Soul states, “Anything we aspire to do as an expression of our artisan soul requires inspiration and strength.” In our world, we talk a lot about inspiration/passion but unfortunately, what’s often understated is strength. If you’re going to create, it’s so imperative you stay strong by focusing on your overall well being.

What ways are you strengthening yourself physically, emotionally & mentally? Here are some ways I have found effective to maintain a healthy well being in my own life:

  • Exercise-walking/running daily to get your body moving. Walking and moving your body daily helps with your mental health as well
  • Meditation/deep breathing-this takes consistent practice. I always do at least 10 minutes a day of deep breathing each day morning, afternoon, or evening.
  • Release tension-get a massage or do stretching for at least 10 minutes each day on your jaw, neck, back, legs and feet. When your muscles are relaxed, YOU are more relaxed.
  • Get sleep-Arianna Huffington states, “We will treat ourselves as well as we treat our smartphones, making sure we sleep until fully recharged.” Treat yourself like you treat your smartphone!
  • Socialize-This one is taking on a new meaning right now as some people are still having to socially distance. Find ways to connect with people, whether through zoom or facetime. Make it a priority to talk to loved ones and friends that are supportive of you. If you are going to create, you need supportive people around you, cheering you on!

There’s never been a better day to start strengthening yourself than TODAY. Each of us has 24 hours in a day to make the most of the life we have. You have so much to give the world and you deserve all the happiness and joy. You will be happier, more fulfilled and more PRODUCTIVE when you make your overall wellbeing a priority.  Have a joy-filled, energy infused day!


Briana Lyn