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Sing with POWER

Every singer wants to sing with power, color and freedom without hurting their vocal cords. Unfortunately, many singers don’t know and haven’t developed the proper technique to produce this power and they end up damaging their vocal cords which is very costly. There is a safer and “cheaper” way of singing with strength and it’s called resonance. It’s a word that’s thrown out frequently with vocalists and vocal coaches.

Here’s what resonance is:

When the breath hits the vocal cords they vibrate, creating a buzzy sound. This buzzy sound generates the pitch as well as many overtones. All of these pitch frequencies travel through your vocal tract.

Everyone has a vocal tract which is YOUR instrument. It consists of the throat, mouth, nasal cavity and possibly the head (sphenoid bone). These shape your overtone sound which is called resonance. Your vocal tract is unique to you, hence why no two voices are ever the same!

There are three types of resonance-
1. nasality
2. ring
3. brightness

Learning how and when to use these bands of resonance will make you a strong, powerful singer that is a safe way to sound loud. You will save A LOT by using these!!

When singers rely on vocal folds as their primary amplifier, it will cost them a lot!!

So let me ask you….are you going to go for the CHEAP volume & amplification or the more COSTLY one? It’s all up to you with how you train and use your voice.

I love helping singers develop power and tonal color to their voice!