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The Queen of Country Music

We don’t have to guess why Dolly Parton is named the Queen of Country Music. Back in 1982, she won two Grammy’s for best country female performance of the year as well as best Best Country Song of the year for her song “9 to 5”. 

Dolly Parton along with Taylor Swift are the only artists in history to reach  #1 on the Billboard Country charts  with two different recordings of the same song. Dolly did it with her iconic song “I Will Always Love You” and Taylor Swift did it with her hit song “Love Story.” . I think what I love most about Dolly is how happy, energetic, kind, sincere and hardworking she is.  She’s also an extremely talented singer songwriter and businesswoman which sets her apart from a lot of other artists. She continues to find new wings a a creator, coming out with her own line of perfume, starting an amusement park, writing books, composing movie music, acting and creating numerous #1 hits. She is truly a legend that deserves so much notoriety and respect. 

Artists should inspire us, make us better people, and make the stories of our own lives become more relatable. 

Dolly, I will always love you and all that you have done to inspire the next generation of singers and songwriters. Thank you for continuing to show us that you can make the life you want.