Briana Lyn Studios

Transform as a Singer & Musician

Wondering what you can accomplish as a singer or keyboardist in 90-days? 

TRANSFORMATION doesn’t happen just by accident each day. No one gets to where they are in life by chance. It takes the right strategy, nurture AND expert support to get to the next level. Here at Briana Lyn Studios we have expert instructors in voice piano and guitar that can get you where you want to be in music. Our professional instructors are not only experts in their fields, but they know HOW to teach singers and musicians through various methods and techniques.

We have many long term music students who commit to our year long programs because they know the educational benefits of music, so they stay committed for the long haul. I liken it to learning a foreign language. If you are going to learn a language, to really study and learn it’s in’s and out’s, you need to study it for a considerable amount of time if you are really going to speak it fluently.

We also have musicians and singers that are looking for shorter term programs. Some of these clients need music training for their acting, while others are looking to brush up on skills and learn new techniques and concepts. 

We have 90-day programs as well as year long programs to fit both types of clients that we take on.

In Los Angeles, I created a 90-day program for singers and musicians because many of the singers and musicians here needed a short term, focused program to reach their goals. 

Why 90-days?

*Research shows the first 90-days of addiction recovery programs are most crucial in developing new habits and staying sober. The same can be said about music programs!

*90-days is the perfect amount of time where your ambition and planning can fall close together without deviations.

*You have a good idea of what you can get done in those 90-days, so your capacity estimations are about right and you can make substantial progress towards your BIG goal.

* You’ll move faster with less compromise in 90-days. Planning a few years out in advance often leads you feeling overwhelmed which in turn, leads to inaction.

Whether you’re looking for short term music coaching or longer term training, we have what you need! Send us a message and we will get in touch with you! We would love to help you grow and achieve your goals and dreams as a singer and musician!