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Vocal habits: Do’s & Don’ts

As we head into a new year, there are many new habits people like to implement. I always tell singers or musicians that I work with that the best time to start is RIGHT NOW.

If you’re a professional voice user, it’s especially important to watch your habits as your tiny vocal cords have a BIG responsibility! Your tiny vocal cords need constant moisture and can easily can dehydrated. That’s why WATER is vital for your vocal health. You can stay hydrated for drinking enough water each day, having a room humidifier in dry climates and even standing under a hot steamy shower. 

Other things to avoid: smoking, second-hand smoking, limit the alcohol, black tea and coffee, milk products, chocolate and any foods you may be allergic to. 

Did you know that throat clearing and coughing are both stressful to your vocal cords? If you have vocal fatigue or laryngitis, the best thing you can do is REST YOUR VOICE. Whispering is also very harmful to your voice. If your voice is feeling tired, take VOCAL REST to prevent further damage and irritation. 


It’s important to do vocal warm-up exercises before singing. You can do anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending upon each day. Many factors can cause this amount to vary including sleep, diet, temperature, humidity and emotions. Learn to appreciate your voice and not be too critical or worried if your voice isn’t the same from day to day. Just do your warm-ups and sing! As the company Nike says, just do it! 🙂


If you’ve just performed or had a session, do a light cool down like humming or exercises on EE to thin the vocal cords and reduce inflammation. The best thing you can do is be quiet for a while.  

Since singers are vocal athletes, it’s important they refrain from certain activities such as excessive loud talking, yelling and screaming. 


When you practice the RIGHT habits you will build amazing endurance as a singer. That will ultimately be your key to vocal longevity.