Briana Lyn Studios

Why study music?

  • Studying music such as scales & intervals will help you improve in pitch accuracy as a singer.
  • Studying music, specifically piano, will teach you how to read sheet music, learn key signatures, transpose, and arrangement skills giving you the confidence to play any song.
  • Studying music will give you the knowledge of keys, how to transpose, arrange songs, and give you an understanding of rhythm. This is essential if you’re going to ever work with other musicians.
  • Studying music will give you the knowledge of constructing chords, which will make you a better songwriter.

These are just some of the many benefits of studying music!

If you’re a singer, learning keyboard is so important as you’ll be able to accompany yourself. Piano lessons are so important for young people as studies show they do much better in school with the ability to play piano. Both our Minneapolis and Los Angeles Music Studios offers keyboard lessons with experienced teachers, who are both highly skilled musicians as well as know HOW to teach music.

I love teaching keyboard to vocalists and musicians because the moment I learned, I became more powerful as a vocalist. I was able to warm up my voice on the piano, play the melody notes to songs by ear or by sight  from the music score and even create my own songs. This was LIFE CHANGING for me as a vocalist!

I decided to create a program to help musicians and singers learn the fundamentals of keyboarding to get them on their way to playing the songs they love with confidence.  Here’s what you get when you learn keyboarding with me at our studio:

• improvisation tools:

• learn chordal arranging

• learn accompaniment skills

• learn basic classical technique

• learn scales

• learn to read & play lead sheets

• learn to play popular/contemporary


• learn how to CREATE YOUR OWN MUSIC

• access to ear training exercises

• access to an online music theory


• training in note reading

Whether you’re looking for short term or long term lessons, we have options to fit your needs. To learn more about our programs and lessons, send us a message! We’d love to connect with you and help you reach your music goals!