Briana Lyn Studios

Your creativity is hungry!

Just like your body needs food to stay nourished, your mind and spirit do too! With the digital age, we are living in, it’s important to “disengage” for moments of time each day to charge yourself and focus on being more centered, grateful and happy about the here and now. It’s easy to get distracted and think of all the things that must get done, but that list will never end. The moment you check off a box, another thing gets added to the list. 

To really thrive and create in life, I’ve learned you must rest, settle your mind, focus on breathing, and get focused on the here and now. It’s in the moment that you get inspired, get rejuvenated, and the light bulb switch turns on. 

This is something I have to remember to practice because if I don’t, I have little to give to the people around me including my music students and the music I write and create daily. 

What have you found helps you in feeding your creative mind? More often than not, less is more. There’s power in simplicity, stillness and just being.